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International Women’s Day, which was celebrated on 8 March, offered an opportunity to celebrate the important contribution of women to the success of Australia’s energy industry.

The day allowed me to reflect on my own career – how I got to where I am and how it came about for me to work for and represent the energy industry. 

While never an A+ student in maths, science and information technology, they were my favourite subjects.

One of the most defining times in my life personally and professionally was making the exciting, unknown move to the Northern Territory. The Territory is the place of opportunity.

Through my experiences and my role, I get to revisit that old love for maths, science and technology and apply it in my discussions with industry.

The resources sector is a critical contributor to the Territory economy, delivering so many opportunities for all, especially women. We have hundreds of women who work in this sector, contributing to the essential energy to power homes and businesses and enabling the transformation of our energy system to meet our net-zero goals.

As technology and innovation advancements continue to open exciting employment opportunities in the energy sector, operators, energy companies and the supply chain continue to be champions for diversity and inclusivity across all parts of the industry.

Despite the energy sector being historically one of the least gender-diverse sectors in our economy, it is important and encouraging to see a growing number of women in leadership positions or being promoted.

Women looking to explore their career options have a wealth of potential pathways available in the Territory.

In addition to its fast-growing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) sector, the region is home to an array of resources projects that could open up ample opportunities and provide long-term financial security for those willing to take on new challenges.

With world-class research facilities at your fingertips and project sites scattered across this vibrant part of Australia, now is the perfect time for professionals or tradie-ladies seeking new experiences and success stories.

Women are increasingly entering fields that have traditionally been male-centric, as they bring a unique set of skills and perspectives to the industry, from working as electricians, production maintenance to driving trucks. 

It’s amazing progress that women can now be found working in all sorts of industrial roles, which will help increase their earning power and start to even the gender wage gap.

For professional women looking for new and exciting career opportunities, the Territory offers an abundance of potential pathways. With a multitude of job opportunities available in both the STEM and resources sectors, in addition to traditional roles, such as geologists and engineers, there are also many jobs available at executive level within resources companies throughout the region.

Working in energy-related fields proves beneficial for women as it can offer an opportunity for career advancement as well as job security. With each step towards inclusion, women will continue to break expectations and gain access to many more new opportunities.

The Territory is also home to some of Australia’s most critical resources projects. From oil and gas projects to mineral extraction operations, there are countless opportunities for women who want to make their mark in this sector. There is something for everyone.

So, if you’re looking for your next challenge or simply want to expand your horizons, consider exploring what this dynamic region has to offer.