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Driving the Global First Nations Bushfood and Botanical Movement

Thanks to the pioneering efforts of the First Nations Botanical Bushfoods Alliance Australia (FNBBAA), the world can now embrace the exquisite flavours of ethically sourced, organic bush foods and botanicals directly sourced from our own backyard, treasured by Indigenous communities for over 60,000 years. 

This journey guarantees not only the enjoyment of these unique culinary and medicinal treasures but also the empowerment of local women who diligently harvest on country. 

As the global economy continues to expand north of the Territory, there is an escalating demand for products that our region can competitively produce. In this economic landscape, the insights, perspectives, and land ownership of Aboriginal Territorians hold immense value, serving as catalysts to establish vital partnerships essential for securing the Territory’s economic future. 

FNBBAA has emerged as the national peak body for Bushfoods and Botanicals, with an impressive cohort of 130 members across the country. Business owners from the Northern Territory include Bush Medijin, Kungkas Can Cook, Kakadu Kitchen, Kiril Park Wild Harvest, Purple House, Yaye, and Bush Balm. 

FNBBA’s mission is to safeguard the Cultural and Intellectual Property rights of Indigenous business owners within the currently unregulated bushfoods and botanicals industry. They also play an active role in forging partnerships with Australian food and beverage giants to enhance the capabilities of growers and producers. 

In a groundbreaking announcement made during the 2nd First Nations Bushfoods and Botanicals Symposium in Darwin in November 2023, Woolworths pledged to dedicate an aisle in their supermarkets to showcase native bush foods. 


Despite the rugged landscapes of the Northern Territory seeming far removed from supermarket shelves and gourmet establishments, this commitment signifies a remarkable step forward. It provides an invaluable platform for raising awareness and promoting these unique culinary treasures to a wider audience. 

Such recognition from one of Australia’s largest supermarket chains intertwines the flavours and cultural heritage of the land with everyday shopping experiences, paving the way for greater appreciation of Indigenous cuisine. 

Rayleen Brown, founding member and Chair of FNBBAA, passionately advocates for bridging the gap between manufacturers and the women involved in the bushfoods and botanicals industry. 

“Sovereign foods and botanicals have witnessed an exponential growth in consumer demand, making them one of the fastest-growing categories in retail, grocery, and hospitality. FNBBAA recognises this potential and is leading the charge to accelerate research and development efforts, ensuring compliance with local and national regulations and safeguarding the methods, integrity, and Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property of our native foods and botanicals”. 

FNBBAA champions the promotion of ethical and equitable practices throughout the bush foods industry, fostering respectful appreciation for its rich histories that have left an indelible mark. 


They strive to provide crucial resources and support systems specifically tailored to meet the needs and preferences of women harvesters. This support is critical to supporting the preservation and transmission of timeless traditions, songs, and stories to future generations, safeguarding the cultural legacy inherent in the bush foods sector. 

FNBBAA now directs its attention toward developing local manufacturing capability, a crucial step to meet the growing demand for bushfoods and botanicals. This expansion has sparked promising partnerships with hospitality giants, eager to feature Aboriginal-inspired products such as soaps and botanicals in hotel rooms. Similarly, airports and restaurants aim to offer unique native-inspired foods. 

FNBBAA seeks to work with philanthropic organisations, industry and the government to acknowledge and accelerate the ground-breaking work taking place in the Territory. 

This work is the only work in the sector that is truly Aboriginal owned and Aboriginal led.