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Membership of the NTIBN offers a multitude of advantages, making it a strategic investment for aspiring Indigenous businesses.

With an emphasis on upholding authenticity and integrity, NTIBN boasts one of the most robust certification processes in Australia, safeguarding the Blak Business sector against detrimental practices such as Black Cladding. 

Chair Naomi Anstess says: “Joining NTIBN is not only a strategic investment in your business’s success, but it also demonstrates a commitment to excellence and professionalism. Becoming a Certified Member allows you to be part of a sophisticated network movement built by us for us.” 

Becoming a Certified Member means joining a powerful and sophisticated network that is driven by Indigenous businesses, for Indigenous businesses. With a growing community of nearly 400 strong, there is strength in numbers, laying the foundation for collective advocacy and change. NTIBN serves as a forceful voice, advocating for work-winning opportunities, eliminating Black Cladding, and driving the transformative changes necessary to close the gap. 

NTIBN goes beyond traditional business support services; it focuses on fostering a culturally safe environment for Indigenous businesses to thrive. NTIBN equips its members with the tools to run businesses successfully in a way that upholds their cultural values and heritage. This approach unlocks benefits, such as job creation on ancestral lands, a deep connection to purpose, and a strong sense of place. 

We recognise that many Indigenous businesses lack the generational wealth and inherited resources needed to jumpstart their endeavours, so NTIBN acts as a pathway for progress, streamlining access to critical support services and infrastructure. This provides opportunity to redress the effects of generations of stolen wealth and stolen land, providing a platform for Indigenous businesses to reclaim their economic strength and prosperity. 

As the leading Indigenous business network in Australia, it is by and for its members, driven by their goals and aspirations. With board members and staff who possess direct experience in business and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by Indigenous entrepreneurs, NTIBN conducts culturally informed advocacy work that stems from lived experience. 


There are two categories of membership: certified members and allies. 


A certified member is an Aboriginal business enterprise (ABE) that is 51 percent or more Indigenous owned, managed and controlled. The ABE must demonstrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are involved in the daily operation of the enterprise and have effective control at least equal to the degree of ownership and is registered with a certifying authority. 

Before applying for certified membership, the applicant will need the following documents: 

  • Proof of Aboriginality for the business owner/majority business owner 
  • Certified company registration 
  • Company extract 
  • Certificate of incorporation, if relevant 
  • Business name registration certificate from ASIC 
  • Evidence of majority ownership 

To become a certified member businesses must be at least 51 percent Indigenous owned and the required documentation must be put through the NTIBN’s certification process. 


Sole trader: $150 (GST exclusive) 

Not-for-profit: $250 

Company: $300 


  • Discounts for NTIBN services and products 
  • Access to NTIBN services and products 
  • Access to NTIBN’s networking opportunities and events 
  • Access to NTIBN’s Blak First policies 
  • Local and national advocacy 
  • Authenticity as a positive Blak buyer, Blak grower and Blak employer 
  • Collaborative and promotional opportunities 
  • Government visibility for procurement opportunities 
  • Access to National Indigenous Business Chamber of Commerce networks 
  • Access to NTIBN’s network, including the Blak Business Directory and Procure Connect 
  • Visibility and recognition as a certified Aboriginal business 


An ally member is a non-Indigenous owned business, corporation or statutory authority that takes action to support the Indigenous supply chain, employment and community. 

NTIBN is the trusted one-stop solution for ally members seeking to engage with the Indigenous supply chain. As the preferred certifying authority endorsed by the Northern Territory Government, we remove the burden of vetting Indigenous businesses, ensuring authenticity and quality outcomes. From managing Indigenous Engagement Plans to providing guidance on policies, we support ally members in meeting their corporate social responsibility goals. By partnering with NTIBN, ally members demonstrate their commitment to legitimate Indigenous business engagement and contribute to building the capability and success of the Indigenous community. Trust us as your trusted intermediary to connect you with the right Indigenous businesses for impactful partnerships. 


$500 exc. GST 

$800 ($1000 without membership) exc. GST for access to the Blak Business Directory and a Procure Connect subscription. 

Evidence must be provided that the business is active in their space and taking responsibility for making changes that help Indigenous people and businesses become successful by using their credibility to create a more inclusive environment for Indigenous people to thrive in. 

To apply for ally membership applicants will need the following document to have an Aboriginal supply chain commitment or Indigenous procurement policy or similar. 

Applicants must also have at least one of the following documents (if applicants do not have these documents, they can contact NTIBN – the NTIBN conducts random audits on the documents): 

  • Reconciliation action plan 
  • Aboriginal engagement strategy/ charter/ commitment 
  • Aboriginal employment policy/ target/ commitment 
  • An Aboriginal person on the board of directors 
  • An Aboriginal person in a senior leadership position 
  • Regular Aboriginal cultural safety training 
  • A partnership with an Aboriginal business or organisation 
  • An Aboriginal employment rate above 15 percent 


  • Profile in the Blak Business Directory 
  • Access to NTIBN services and products 
  • Access to NTIBN’s networking opportunities and events 
  • Member discounts to premier events and industry briefings 
  • Access to NTIBN’s Blak First policies 
  • Local and national advocacy 
  • Authenticity as a positive Blak buyer, Blak grower and Blak employer 


The Blak Business Directory (BBD) is NTIBN’s new online system designed to promote and elevate NT Aboriginal businesses and our allies. 

The BBD provides an interactive platform for our members, certified and ally, to build and maintain their corporate profiles. This provides members an online presence that highlights their business capabilities, which is visible to all BBD users. 

The purpose of the BBD is to generate new business opportunities through business-to-business (B2B) connectivity, as well as being a part of the NT’s peak body for Aboriginal businesses, the NT Indigenous Business Network. 


Procure Connect is an online procurement tool enabling direct purchasing and pricing from Blak businesses in the one location. Industry can share tender information and opportunities directly to Blak businesses that enables documents and information to be shared and proposals to be submitted directly. It is a one-stop-shop for all your Aboriginal supply chain needs. 

What’s included: 

  • Indigenous supply chain diversity 
  • Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) fulfillment 
  • Enhanced Blak business search capability 
  • Support Aboriginal economic development 
  • Connect with Blak business through Procure Connect (RFQs and EOIs) 


NTIBN hosts a range of key local and national events that attract attendees from all over, including certified Indigenous-owned businesses and ally members, Territory and Commonwealth government dignitaries, industry leaders and key investors. 

These events provide an opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing and promoting Indigenous business and entrepreneurship. 

NTIBN events showcase the achievements of Indigenous businesses, facilitate connections between businesses and potential partners, and provide a platform for discussing issues affecting Indigenous businesses in the Northern Territory. 

By hosting these events, NTIBN is driving economic growth and promoting the success of Indigenous businesses in the region.