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Tom Schuster and Max Martin are thrilled to announce the acquisition of All Cast NT, a company which has been at the forefront of the Northern Territory’s construction industry for the past 40 years.

Under the leadership of Ray Bail, All Cast NT has built an impressive legacy, known for its exceptional quality and dedication to the growth and development of the region.

As Tom and Max step into the directors’ roles, they say they are excited by the prospect of working alongside All Cast’s team because it will allow them to harness their expert knowledge and continue the company’s tradition of excellence.

Tom and Max say their vision for All Cast NT is aligned with the broader growth aspirations for the Northern Territory.

“The region is brimming with opportunities, especially in major defence, infrastructure, and government projects,” they say.

The new All Cast owners believe the Northern Territory has a unique vibrancy and a sense of purpose and a potential unparalleled elsewhere in Australia. They want the chance to contribute to the development of the Territory and be a part of its transformation, which they believe is not just an exciting opportunity but a “profound responsibility” they are eager to embrace.

As new directors, Tom and Max bring a wealth of experience in the industry, having had careers in manufacturing and large-scale business transformation. Tom and Max have expertise in strategy development, technology integration, and operational efficiency.

Their backgrounds are marked by successful collaborations with major enterprises, where they have consistently driven growth and innovation.

Their leadership will be instrumental in guiding All Cast NT through this transition and beyond, ensuring the company remains a pivotal player in the construction industry.

Over the past six months, they have worked closely with Ray Bail and the talented team at All Cast NT. This period of collaboration has been invaluable to Tom and Max as it has allowed them to gain insights into the company’s operations, culture, and market presence.

Together, the new directors have been mapping out a strategic plan to enhance All Cast’s footprint and continue its legacy of delivering toptier construction services.

Ray’s ongoing involvement in the company as a champion and advisor will be crucial during this transition. His understanding of the NT market and extensive network will provide Tom and Max with the guidance to help them navigate the nuances of the local industry.

They say Ray’s decision to remain part of the team speaks volumes about his commitment to All Cast NT and its future.


“His role will be pivotal in ensuring continuity, and his presence will offer stability and confidence to All Cast’s clients and partners.”

Ray’s insights and experience will help maintain the high standards All Cast NT is known for, while also allowing Tom and Max to explore new avenues for growth and innovation.

The new owners say their acquisition of All Cast NT is not just a business transaction but a commitment to the Northern Territory’s future. “We recognise the strategic importance of this region, especially with the Australian and Territory governments’ focus on infrastructure and defence projects,” they say.

“By leveraging All Cast NT’s established reputation and combining it with our vision and expertise, we aim to contribute significantly to these initiatives. The Northern Territory offers a unique landscape for development, and we are excited to be part of its growth story.”

Tom and Max believe their strategic acumen and operational expertise will allow them to lead All Cast NT into a new era of success.

Ray’s legacy at All Cast is built in part on producing and installing precast panels for iconic developments such as the Northern Territory Supreme Court, Parliament House, 130 Esplanade and the Oriental Emporium in Darwin along with remote work including the Keep River and Sandy Creek bridges. All Cast has also been involved in projects for Defence at the Darwin and Tindal air traffic control towers.

Today the All Cast team is working closely with Sitzlers on the production of every wall on the $88 million Darwin Art Gallery and the $165 million Tiger Brennan Drive overpass plus Defence projects at Bradshaw Field Training Area and Tindal RAAF Base.

All Cast is the largest supplier of some of the most important but least seen components of road infrastructure such as pre-cast water management culverts, pipes and crash barrier solutions.

Their approach to integrating cuttingedge technology and streamlining operations will drive efficiency and productivity, ensuring they will not only meet but exceed industry standards.

“Our acquisition of All Cast NT marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter. We are honored to build upon the foundation laid by Ray Bail and are committed to preserving the values and standards that have made All Cast NT a trusted name in the industry.”

The pair are confident their collaboration with Ray and the existing team, combined with their strategic leadership, sets the stage for a future of growth, innovation, and excellence for All Cast.

“The opportunities ahead are vast, and we are excited to embark on this journey, confident in our ability to make a lasting impact.”