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Generations of dispossession and poverty have left Indigenous people with a daunting problem – a crisis of confidence in the system and in themselves.

There is a lack of understanding and investment in the significance of building human infrastructure. 

Tanyah Nasir wants to change that. 

Her Darwin-based training consultancy offers empowerment training, mentoring and facilitation. 

The empowerment and leadership course called Rise UP, Be Your Best, Own Your Future provides the foundational framework for all of her services. 

“It’s for all Indigenous people,” she says. “Unfortunately, Indigenous people have been told directly or indirectly for generations that they don’t matter – and this needs to change. 

“If we’re serious about solving the social problems facing Indigenous people, we need to invest in the training that nurtures people to believe in themselves and to believe that they matter and that they can create the life they want”. 

With more than 30 years’ experience as an Aboriginal educator, Tanyah integrates her expertise into her own business, aiming to inspire and drive positive change through learning to become the best version of yourself – one person at a time. 

Rise UP employs the same principles – driving personal growth, self-reflection, and teaching life skills, all with the aim of helping Indigenous people unlock their potential. 

The program lasts from two to five days. But Tanyah strongly believes that for long-lasting change it needs to be a long-term commitment. And it needs to be in schools, workplaces and organisations throughout the Territory. 

“It’s a lot of fun, but as we grow trust to do the deep dive and the inner work, it is also challenging. There are often tears. You can’t be what you can’t see, so we show people what they can truly be. 

“We need the right people to intervene otherwise life for Indigenous people won’t get better. We need the right methodology to deliver culturally appropriate programs with care and love. 

“As a system we’re obsessed with building infrastructure – roads, pipelines, bridges – but we also need to build our people, especially the most vulnerable.” 

Tanyah says Indigenous people will make better life choices when they have a healthy sense of self-worth and a positive, resilient mindset. 

“The work we do is about transformation and healing people from the inside.” 


Tanyah Nasir Consulting Service 

0499 773 008