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A national advertising agency has gone into partnership with an Indigenous journalist in the Northern Territory.

Russell Curtis & Janes has joined Tamara Giles in a push to win advertising in Northern Australia and, later, throughout the country. 

“I went to them with a proposal to set up an Indigenous-operated agency in Darwin and they saw merit in the idea,” says Tamara. 

One of Russell Curtis & Janes directors, Scott Penberthy, knows the Territory well because he was the General Manager of 7 Darwin/7 Central for many years. 

“It’s a good partnership but at the end of the day I’m the majority owner of Indigenous Media NT,” Tamara says. “I’m on the ground in Darwin.” 

Tamara has some of the country’s best media tools to manage all components of marketing for any company, organisation or government. 

But she has a point of difference in a cut-throat industry – being able to add what she calls a “cultural lens”. 

“Aboriginal people are not all the same. They are different across the country. There are many different mobs. So messages may have to be put differently in different places.” 

She says advertising opportunities in Indigenous media are often overlooked. 

“There is a huge cohort of Indigenous media in Australia nowadays. A lot of companies and organisations want to get their message across to Indigenous people and I can help them do that.” 

Tamara sells advertising space in print, television and digital. 

“A lot of small companies think that advertising is something only businesses at the top end of town do. But that’s not true. Many forms of advertising are now very affordable. 

“The hardest thing for a business is marketing – to get known. That’s hugely important. I can help.” 

Tamara believes the Territory and Federal governments should do more to support Indigenous-owned businesses. 

“They’ve got reasonable procurement policies but could do more to make sure Indigenous companies get a fair share of the pie. 

“It should be remembered that Indigenous businesses usually employ Indigenous people. So if you are looking to close the gap you should look at helping Indigenous companies.” 

Tamara is training an Indigenous Territorian in the advertising business. 

“It’s my responsibility to make sure she’s properly trained and gets a good insight into the industry” 

Tamara’s parents moved to the NT from New South Wales in the early 90’s, Tamara later following, she also lived in Alice Springs for 10 years. 

Tamara gained a degree in communications from Canberra University and worked as a news reporter for Imparja Television and the National Indigenous Times. 

“I’ve got a solid background in communications. I understand and enjoy the industry.” 


Tamara Giles 

Level 16 / 19 Smith St, 

Darwin City 0800 

0455 201 975