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If covid-19 has highlighted anything, it’s our need to embrace technology and become savvy about its benefits.

But how many of us are comfortable, let alone fully understand the realm of capabilities our digital equipment can do? Quite often we’re even more afraid of the audacious tech guy (yes, they’re mostly men), who speak some foreign language making us wonder which planet they originated from.

So, it was refreshing to talk with Dante St James who’s not your average tech guy, but a digital educator who explains how using digital tools correctly improves your life and business capabilities in plain, simple English.

“My job is to transform hesitant, confused business owners into capable, confident marketers,” says Dante. Either one-on-one or through workshops, webinar training sessions he helps and guides clients in various digital matters from the web, digital marketing, social media, eCommerce, small business systems to data privacy and online security.

Many Territorians probably know him through the company he began in 2015, Clickstarter, a digital marketing agency with a strong training focus, which he handed over to his first employee in mid-2020.

He still runs Clickstarter’s training and business workshops. And he’s also Treeti’s Head of Digital and one of only seven certified Facebook Australia Lead Community Trainers and one of the first five certified Facebook Digital Marketing Associates in the world, plus an accredited Google Digital Springboard Trainer.

With nearly 90 individual digital technology and systems certifications Dante is the Territory’s most highly qualified individual in the space, so it’s no wonder his services are so highly sought after.

Born in Sydney, Dante, aged 46, was originally a psychiatric registrar. “After three years in medical practice, I quit. I hated it,” he says. “In 2000, I took up my dream job in radio on the Gold Coast.”

In 2003, he got picked up by Hot100 in Darwin. But when the network discovered his web and tech skills, they took him off the air to focus on the technical side.

“As much as I loved being behind a microphone, I didn’t miss the 3am starts and certainly welcomed the fatter pay packet.”

He knows how daunting the tech world is for most people, and often unnecessarily expensive too.

“I knew I could offer more value for money services and wanted to help small businesses.”

He admits the digital world is fastmoving, and it’s hard to keep up while focusing on your business.

“Most people need ongoing assistance, and that’s one of my essential offerings.”

Dante is passionate about working with remote communities and most of his Facebook work is across regional and remote Australia.

“Our focus is to help regional business and communities harness the same tools as anyone in the big cities anywhere in the world.”

Remote communities use connected technology in much the same way as anyone else. For school studies, entertainment, Tik-Tok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Dante enjoys helping remote arts groups to showcase their work and tell their story across the various social media platforms to a broader audience.

“I match them to the digital tools that let them tell their cultural story in their own words and way (language).”

Where to next?

“I am expanding across Northern Australia. But the Territory will always be home now. I love it here. It hooks you and the opportunities are endless.”


Dante St James

0428 814 666