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Indigenous-owned Savanna Solutions is dedicated to making a difference.

The consulting firm is a specialist in regional and remote engagement. 

It is a full-service consulting company helping grow the capabilities of Northern Australia’s small to medium enterprises and community organisations. 

Savanna Solutions, whose core business is business consulting, workforce development and sustainable economic development, is Katherine based but is looking to make the business more robust with registered offices in Adelaide and Sydney. 

The firm was founded in 2008 by Alice Beilby. 

“We are thinking globally and acting locally to connect through strong networks and partnerships and are able to design practical, innovative solutions to complex problems,” she says. 

Savanna Solutions has experience across a diverse range of industries and prides itself on being flexible, adaptable and responsive to business and community needs. 

“We are a proud 100 percent-owned Indigenous business working through a cultural lens when engaging and developing programs,” Ms Beilby says. “This results in bringing you the best chance of success to grow your business, secure that contract and deliver on your project.” 

Savanna Solutions’ services include strategic planning, business planning, Indigenous engagement, grant writing and cultural audits. 

It also links companies ranging from corporations to family-run enterprises with potential workers. 

“As an indigenous business, we see the barriers and challenges faced by people to transition from the welfare cycle into sustainable employment. As a small business, we can customise and be flexible around the services we deliver and deliver them in a more culturally sensitive way. 

“We coordinate training and employment, but we don’t just handle unskilled and low-skilled people – we also deal with skilled people. 

“We’re not a labour hire company. The labour hire industry tends to be for short-term jobs but we want to invest in people, particularly Indigenous people, and we’d like our clients to invest in their staff as well by offering full-time, permanent jobs.” 

Savanna Solutions has a solid database of local people who know they have another option if they don’t fit into the rules around service providers. 

Magnus Malmerin works as the company training coordinator. 

“He makes sure people have training support and he mentors them to address any day-to-day issues.” 

Savanna Solutions, which helps Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, works with registered training organisations, such as Charles Darwin University and the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education. 

Ms Beilby is positive about the prospects for Katherine, which is enjoying multimillion-dollar spending by the Territory Government, Defence and mining companies. 

“We get a good response from local people,” she says. “It’s very rewarding to see how we have such a positive impact on people’s lives through training and employment. 

“Some of the Indigenous people we help come from very challenging backgrounds, such as chronic overcrowding at home and lack of transport. A lot of people don’t understand these challenges. 

“We are able to show people they have other options to make changes in their lives.” 


Savanna Solutions 

40a, Shop 4, Level/1 Katherine Terrace, Katherine NT 0850 

(08) 7999 8004