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Paul Arnold


Paul Arnold sees his camera as an artist’s paintbrush.

Paul Arnold sees his camera as an artist’s paintbrush.

“I don’t know of anyone else in the world who creates unique pieces the way I do,” he says.

Paul first came to Darwin in 1992 during his Navy days and returned after discharging, establishing his professional business in 2001.

“I love the bush, nature’s colours, the people, lifestyle, and the weather up here, especially the wet season. It’s so inspirational.”

Paul was initially renowned for his stunning landscape photography. Then his artistic direction changed in 2017 from photography to creating art pieces through his Elevated collection and the Attrition — Nature’s Wear and Tear exhibition.

“I was experimenting from a plane, a Phase One camera and computer art-making tools then. It’s been extremely successful but three years old now, so I’m phasing the Elevated collection out this year.”

Paul’s Elevated limited-edition collection led the way creatively. Entirely original, it cannot be replicated. He’s releasing the final eight, nine and 10 editions between now and the end of June. Then, like all artists, he’s moving on.

“I’m continually evolving, looking for greater challenges. My newly created art pieces follow the Elevated collection but from the ground, including abstracts, creative landscapes and wildlife.”

The ground-based art will have only two pieces, one for sale and one for Paul’s collection, unlike the Elevated art, which has a maximum of 10 unique works. These new collections will be released in July this year.

If there’s a positive side to covid, it’s granted many people the time to satisfy their inner creativity, and Paul has made the most of this time.

His dynamic new ground collection will give the public something extra special.

“I’ve used a completely new technology that stacks 2000 plus 150-megapixel images on top of each other to produce the one unique image,” he says. “The maximum size for a wall art piece is three metres.”

Paul’s gallery in Darwin’s Smith Street Mall is not a retail shop but an art space.

His aerial range also adorns smaller textile pieces from homewares such as linen cushions and silk scarf fashion accessories for the home, office or yourself.

His classic landscape photography prints are only available online these days.

But Paul is always available for private appointments for the discerning purchaser.