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Palmerston Bakery has grown from a humble hot bread shop to a small-scale industrial bakery over the past 28 years.

And a big part of the success is down to a contract with McArthur River Mine, which is nearly 1000 kilometres south-east of Darwin.

The bakery supplies 400-550 products, including rolls and sliced bread, to the giant lead and zinc mine near Borroloola every week.

Owner Brian Seears says: “MRM is very important to our business, which in turn supports the Borroloola region whom we also supply.”

He says the company’s growth “would not have been possible without the support of people such as MRM supporting local industry”.

Palmerston Bakery proudly blends the old with the new – its artisan range is still made the old-fashioned way, while another range uses the modern rapid-dough process.

The business appreciates MRM supporting local business and so does likewise – all ingredients are sourced within Australia.

Life is destined to get even better for Territory business because the NT’s mineral potential remains relatively untapped.

There are massive opportunities for explorers and miners.

The Territory is attractive to the resources industry because it:

• Is a stable jurisdiction with good governance

• Has world-class mineral deposits, including critical minerals

• Is strategically located near the high-growth economies of the Asia-Pacific region

Energy and mining industry growth and diversification is key to the Territory achieving a $40 billion economy by 2030.