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Everyone was pleased to see big MACC at the Barunga Festival.

The Motor Accidents (Compensation) Commission was a platinum sponsor of the event.

A MACC team spread the road safety message in a range of effective ways, including a hugely successful colour run for the kids.

The main message was: wear a seatbelt. Children could be heard shouting the mantra throughout the festival.

MACC commissioner Will Oliver says: “As a champion of road safety, it’s important to MACC that safe road user awareness extends Territory wide.

“Adopting different communication strategies is necessary to reach the diverse range of people in all corners of the Territory.

“Our partnerships with Michael Long Centre and now the Barunga Festival helps us to connect with people living in regional and remote areas. “Our sponsorship of this year’s Barunga Festival presented a unique opportunity to engage Aboriginal children, youth adults and families around the need to always wear a seatbelt.

“The MACC Seatbelt Colour Run was a first at this year’s festival, adding explosions of colour and fun on Saturday and Sunday.

“While the festival is over, we expect to see the colour run ‘Always wear your seatbelt’ T-shirts, in and around communities for some time to come”.

MACC works hard to reduce road trauma by influencing positive road user attitudes and behaviours through culturally appropriate engagements and messaging.

MACC, which started operations on 1 January 2015, is a Government-owned entity with the commissioner appointed by the Treasurer.

The key functions of the commission are:

• To administer the MAC Scheme in accordance with the Motor Accidents (Compensation) Act 1979 on behalf of the Northern Territory Government

• To manage the fund

• To promote road safety.

MACC has entered into an agreement with TIO for claims and fund administration.