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In a monumental shift towards an Aboriginal-led and self-determination approach, NTIBN assumed hosting responsibilities for the Aboriginal Economic Development Forums, marking a significant step towards empowerment.

The 10th forum, held in Alice Springs in October 2021, saw tremendous success, attracting 350 participants from across the Territory and the nation. Building on this achievement, NTIBN hosted the forum once more in 2023, breaking attendance records with more than 600 attendees at the Darwin Convention Centre. This remarkable growth in participation clearly demonstrated the increasing prominence and influence of the Aboriginal business community. 

The forums witnessed an impressive convergence of representatives from over 150 Aboriginal organisations, corporate bodies, government decision-makers, and non-Indigenous business partners and allies. This vibrant gathering provided an invaluable platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and cultivating partnerships to drive economic development within Aboriginal communities. 

Immersed in NTIBN’s vision, the forums emphasise unity among Aboriginal stakeholders and allies, fostering collaboration and nurturing a shared commitment to a thriving Blak Business sector. Engaging presentations, insightful panel discussions and interactive workshops dive into pivotal topics, such as business development, funding opportunities, government partnerships, and the transmission of cultural knowledge. This amalgamation of ideas, constructive feedback, and innovative concepts has electrified the Aboriginal business community, reviving a forceful determination to pursue growth and foster innovation. 

As NTIBN continues to inspire, facilitate collaboration, and foster knowledge sharing, the trajectory for the Blak Business sector grows ever more promising towards a future that is prosperous, vibrant, and rooted in resilience.