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Gabbert Design


A Territory design firm is working on one of the most personally satisfying projects in its history.

Darwin-based Gabbert Design is creating the master plan for the Little Paradise Development for Groote Holdings Aboriginal Corporation’s wealth-creation projects on Groote Eylandt.

The most stunning is a six-star clifftop eco-resort, an idea undergoing financial feasibility studies.

Designer Wayne Gabbert has also designed the archipelago’s logistics camp, vehicle centre, workers’ village, timber mill, solar farm, resort and aquaculture facilities.

“The projects on Groote are visionary and it’s a privilege to be part of it. Our team has worked very hard on this. It’s challenging but very rewarding.”

He enjoys the can-do professionalism of Anindilyakwa Land Council chair Tony Wurramarrba and chief executive Mark Hewitt, and collaborating with Sitzler and Hybrid Territory.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to work on these projects,” says Mr Gabbert. “Apart from the usual professional pride and fulfilment, there’s also a great feeling that we’re helping a community take control of its own future.

“We’ve become personally invested.”

He even designed the stunning office that the land council shares with Group Holdings Aboriginal Corporation in the Charles Darwin Centre.

The office, which commands spectacular views across Darwin Harbour, is used for talks with government officials, politicians and, most importantly, potential private investors.

It has beautiful, exposed wood fittings, including 14 large fishing spears to represent the 14 Anindilyakwa clans.

The office includes acoustic panels, woodwork and upholstery with traditional Groote Eylandt art.

“We dealt with manufacturers from around Australia to get this right,” says Mr Gabbert, who runs the design business with wife Sandra.

He says the land council wanted the office to incorporate Anindilyakwa culture in a modern corporate context.

Mr Gabbert, who has lived in Darwin since he was a toddler, has designed many of the NT’s iconic spaces.

The design team is working on phase 2 of the Arnhem Space Centre with Equatorial Launch Australia.

Recent projects include the Paspalis Cube, Knight Frank Building upgrade, Amart retail development and collaboration on the development of the Darwin International Airport master plan.  


Gabbert Design

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