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Energy Club NT has built a strong reputation as a leading industry platform to connect energy stakeholders across Northern Australia since being established in 2015.

It was known as the Petroleum Club NT, but changed its name after a vote by our members on 28 February 2018. The change allowed the Energy Club NT to add renewable energy to the mix, as well as continuing to focus on delivering a premium networking platform. Our expanded focus on the energy industry will provide education and information-sharing opportunities for businesses with an interest in the Northern Territory.

On August 12, in the presence of our Deputy Chief Minister, Nicole Manison, we announced a change to our corporate logo. The new design is more modern and reflective of our organisation’s vision, mission and values. We believe our new logo will better represent who we are as an organisation and help us to better connect with all energy sub-sectors.

While the logo change is aesthetic, it’s also an important change as we embark on a journey of new energies and the energy transition.

Our new logo has been designed to depict a circle of energy and the integration and collaboration of industry coming together through our networking platforms. The colours are teal and ochre – teal for our transition to green and ochre as used in the Territory flag.

As we transition to a new phase of innovation and development for the energy industry, now more than ever there is a clear movement for collaboration across our diverse energy sector.

Hydrocarbons will continue to play an important role in energy production, with renewables and oil and gas projects co-existing to provide innovative solutions across the industry.

Industry has shown a significant trend in adding renewables and alternative energy sources to the mix as we work towards a decarbonised future.

Collaboration to realise critical decarbonisation strategies not only supports the Territory’s transition to a net-zero emissions future aligning with Territory Government’s 50 per cent renewable energy target by 2030, such strategies also pave the way for substantial industry growth.

The Energy Club NT has been very successful engaging membership across a diverse group of stakeholders and businesses in the oil and gas industry, as well as in the renewables and hydrogen space.

The sharing of information across our diverse industry sectors in the Territory will continue to bring businesses together to support a sustainable energy future.