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ECB Training Services is making a life-changing difference to people from Darwin to Melbourne.

It provides training for a wide range of clients, including Indigenous and disadvantaged youths, the long-term unemployed and women entering the construction industry. 

“We understand the challenges around literacy, language and numeracy,” says Evelyn Clarke, who owns the company with Craig Bayley. 

“Our training delivery ensures that we put in place student support and make reasonable adjustments to our training to ensure the students successfully achieve the required outcome to meet the requirement of the training.” 

ECB was launched in Darwin in 2013 by training workers for the multibillion-dollar INPEX gas project. 

It was the only registered training provider on the project, providing site-specific training over eight years. 

ECB expanded to Melbourne in 2018 and has been successful in providing training assessments on the big build major projects throughout Victoria. 

The company provides training and hosts apprentices as part of contractor social procurement obligations. 

During covid, ECB continued to provide training services on major projects in Victoria with no impact on operations. 

“The strategic move to set up in Victoria allowed the company to continue to be a successful business, demonstrating our resilience as an Indigenous business,” says Evelyn. 

“Our success is the success of creating opportunities for employment through training. 

“This has driven ECB to also become a registered group training organisation to ensure that we are matching and training indigenous people to have the same opportunity as non-indigenous people on major projects.” 

ECB, which has a staff of 10, mainly works for principal contractors and tier 1 contractors on major projects in the Northern Territory and Victoria. 

Training covers a wide range of skills, including plant machinery operating. 

Evelyn spent 15 years supporting Indigenous communities through the NT Department of Children and Families. 

Craig, who has extensive experience in mining, oil, gas and civil construction, has overseen numerous Indigenous workforce development programs. 


ECB Training Services 

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0428 393 631