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Nadine Jones


Nadine Jones from Knight Frank

Jan-Marie Jaillei of JM Interiors will provide a free two-hour consultation for clients who list with Nadine Jones of Knight Frank.

Vendors can use Jan-Marie’s expert advice to give their properties that extra touch of class and style that will clinch a good sale.

“And buyers can use the same expertise to make their new home just perfect for them,” says Nadine. “She can help you achieve your dream home.”

The unique offering is something close to her heart.

“I renovated my own home,” says Nadine. “I love interior design.”

Both the residential sales expert and the interior designer have lived in the Territory for more than 20 years, so they have a feel for what makes a great home in the tropics. 

“I love the Territory and am familiar with the lifestyle,” says Nadine. “I want to help people find their dream tropical home. I want to open doors for them.

“I’ve lived in old-style Darwin houses and apartments, so I’ve got a good knowledge of different properties.

“I’ve got good contacts in the community and am passionate about doing a good job whatever that job happens to be. And I like people.”

Jan-Marie Jaillei, the founder and principal designer of JM Interiors, moved to Darwin when she was seven but has worked throughout the world, including New York and Hong Kong.

She studied interior architecture at the prestigious London Inchbald School of Design.

“Our full-service design approach is well suited for residential projects and ideal for busy professionals who want a beautiful home or working space but do not have the time to shop, design or manage a project – you just want it done.

“We create and deliver a design plan from concept through to the final installation of your furnishings. We manage every detail throughout the entirety of the project. 

“Our full-service design projects are typically entire homes, blocks of rooms or even single rooms.

“We provide clarity, confidence and creativity as we walk you through each step of our signature process for an easy and enjoyable experience.”

Jan-Marie’s renowned work incorporates her life experiences, including a trek to the Everest Base camp in the Himalayas.

She also lived through Cyclone Tracy in 1974.

“I have a vivid memory of waking up to Armageddon. No house, no belongings, only the clothes on our backs. Living in PJs for days and becoming somewhat of a refugee, relying on handouts and the charity of others to see us through to our relatives in Queensland.

“Our family returned to Darwin after the cyclone to help with the rebuild of the city.

“This experience will be one of my life’s most defining, knowing that even when I have nothing I can and will survive – so I began to dream big with the faith that I had nothing to lose.”


Nadine Jones

Knight Frank

2/46 Smith Street Mall, Darwin City

Tel: 08 8982 2500