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Magnificent pieces of furniture made in one of the most remote corners of Australia now grace boardrooms and homes throughout the country and overseas.

Manapan Furniture has carved out a name for itself as a unique Indigenous-owned business producing sophisticated timber furniture that fuses contemporary craftwork with traditional Yolngu practices. 

Beginning in 2015 and based still where the journey began, the Manapan workshop sits by the sea on Milingimbi island, 500 kilometres east of Darwin in Arnhem Land. 

As a self-sufficient, self-funded business owned and operated by the Yolngu people, Manapan’s vision has always been clear – to produce bespoke and authentic timber furniture that speaks to the land on which it was crafted, while making a genuine and positive impact for the community. 

With an established academy school beside the workshop, interested locals can learn and practice the art of furniture making, progressing to employment with the talented team. 

In the tropical remote workshop shed, the team of craftsmen manufacture everything – from bespoke boardroom tables, art benches and cabinets to coasters, coolamons and clapsticks. 

Manapan, which means “coming together”, informs everything they do. Every piece carries a blend of modern craftwork and Yolngu expression, every project a collaborative journey, each piece a part of the Manapan story. 

This story has left an immediate and insatiable impression on Australian and international consumers, providing Manapan the opportunity to deliver customised and sophisticated projects for private and corporate clientele. 

This includes some of Australia’s largest banking, law, consultancy and accountancy firms, as well as international fashion houses and tech companies. 

Manapan has expanded their signature range to include striking new pieces that are perfect for those wanting to have a piece of Manapan in their homes. Customers can shop online to browse the new coffee table series selling for $1470. 


Manapan Furniture 

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