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The Barunga Festival is a unique event that brings together remote Northern Territory communities to celebrate Indigenous music, culture and sport.

This iconic event, held on the traditional lands of the Bagala clan of the Jawoyn people in Barunga, is a testament to the rich cultures, heritage, and contributions of the Aboriginal communities in the Katherine and Arnhem Land region.

The 2023 Barunga Festival marks the 35th anniversary of the Barunga Statement, a powerful message developed by prominent and respected Aboriginal leaders, who called for the recognition of the rights of Indigenous People.

The statement was delivered to then Prime Minister Bob Hawke by local leaders at the Barunga Festival on 12 June 1988.

As an agency dedicated to ensuring First Nations people are heard, recognised, and empowered, we are delighted to support this significant event that brings people together from across the country to showcase Aboriginal cultures, languages, art, music, dance and sporting talent.

We look forward to witnessing the vibrant displays of talent and encourage all to join in celebrating First Nations cultures and communities at this incredible event.