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TERRITORY PROUD was created 21 years ago when a bunch of Territory businesses and the Territory Government got together to create a short-term Buy Local campaign.

Since then, they’ve become a member-based Association to champion Buy Local across the Territory. Chair Dante St James says the organisation has well and truly come of age. 

The organisation remains indebted to Geoff Goodrich, Founder and the first elected Chair of Territory Proud, who now serves as an Ambassador for the organisation. It was Geoff who, in 2003, saw the need to promote Territory business as the first choice for consumers, business and government in purchasing decision. 

The result was Territory Proud and its instantly recognisable brand of a stylised ochre stamp. 

Dante says that “Our brand has always been something to stick on your ute, to stick on your shop window, to stick on your website. It’s a call to action to support local business that is part of the same community that you live in”. 


The world has changed dramatically in the two decades since Geoff and his team first went to work promoting local business, but the need to promote local business has not. 

Territory Proud’s membership base is second only to the NT Chamber of Commerce as a business organisation and is the peak body supporting Buy Local in the Northern Territory. 

Despite the challenges of the past few years, Dante says Territory Proud’s members have stayed loyal and the Board wants to recognise that loyalty. 

Territory Proud Incorporated is ably led by Dante St James (Click Starter) as Chair and his leadership team of Vice Chair, Donna-Marie James (Kyanite Solutions), Treasurer, Sandrina Disney (Merit Partners), and Mark Barnes (Mark Barnes Coaching), Secretary. The Board of Management also includes a wealth of talent representing various industries including Rekha Kulkarni (Territory FM 104.1) Dominic Wundke (Speargrass Distillery) Matt Petit (Away Travel Group) Willem Westra van Holthe (former Deputy Chief Minister) Michael Foley (Seniors of Excellence) and Paul Masten (Darwin City Group). 

The new board are all local business owners who are passionate about the Territory and the businesses that are based here. They want to see them thrive and are keen to promote them to consumers and other business under the Territory Proud banner– recognising the strength of the brand and the Territory Proud ethos. 

Dante says internal organisational changes including a new committee have repositioned Territory Proud to properly serve its Membership to help them contend with the contemporary business environment. 

He is confident Territory Proud’s brand has retained its value. 

“It’s a point of difference and it’s something that points out your business is specifically committed to the Territory,” says Dante. 

Territory Proud promotes local business through Territory FM 104.1 and is a proud partner of the recently launched 10Darwin’s Love Local campaign. It hosts regular networking events for its members with guest speakers, elevator pitches and fabulous door prizes, also a bi-monthly newsletter and special member-only deals, including through its media partners. Keep an eye out for cooperative marketing initiatives and look out for the Territory Proud Cruiser at this year’s Darwin Royal show. Come and see them at the Show and pick up some merchandise. 

Territory Proud’s new focus will mean improved member services and a greater emphasis on advocating to consumers, businesses and government about the economic importance of choosing to spend with local businesses. 

“Together with our friends at NT Chamber of Commerce, Darwin City Retailers Association and other Territory business groups, we want to be a voice that reminds our community that there are long-term repercussions if you don’t buy locally,” says Dante. 

“You’re going to be hearing a lot more from us.” 

Interested businesses can join online now and enjoy the benefits of Membership and have the intellectual property right to use the Territory Proud logo in your business.