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This October edition is packed with strong, morale raising stories, particularly from private companies and our growing resource sector. In fact, the number of good news articles from the private sector even with a global pandemic shows that the NT economy has been somewhat protected.We are lucky when you compare us with the continued lockdowns in eastern States, which are still crippling lifestyles and livelihoods.

Many of the articles in this edition show that private companies are heeding the innovation and diversification rule to change gears and keep the doors open. Jobkeeper has been a godsend to many, but the big thing to watch for the next quarter is coming down off that support to see if businesses manage to stand on their own.

Like everyone else, our business has been affected. Marketing is the first thing that people cut from the bottom line. There isn’t much point marketing when everything is in lockdown and on limited budgets. That being said, things are slowly picking up for those who are out there chasing it.

Campaign Edge Sprout is expanding our service offering and, as a result, are recruiting staff. We have worked hard to pick up some new retainer contracts and had to expand our team. We now have four account service professionals, including two very capable newcomers who have strategic marketing and communications backgrounds.

We also welcome back Dominique who has two babies under three, and new faces Jenni from Brisbane and Monica from Sydney. The businesses in Territory Q are out on the front foot promoting their products and services, growing their market share and contributing to the positive narrative that the Territory is a great place to do business.

The entire country knows that the Territory is the safest place to be, so we need to build on that as quickly as we can. Thankfully, the fear of post-election chaos proved unfounded. I am not making a party-political point. Above all else, business requires stability, the knowledge that it will be able to create wealth – and the jobs, training opportunities and taxes that come with it – in a steady, well-governed environment.

And the return of the Gunner government provided that stability and continuity. For that reason, it’s good that a majority government got in and equally good to see the CLP have rebuilt themselves into what will be an effective Opposition.

Some good candidates missed out on both sides, which is a shame. I do think, however, that the calibre of people – particularly those with solid private sector backgrounds – was encouraging. There were seven seats with a combined vote count of 500 that could have gone either way. I’ve never made a secret of the fact I believe one-term governments are not good for business, so with four years getting to know the place I look forward to lots of action from the government – sooner rather than later.

And speaking of action, this edition of TQ again highlights the fact that the Territory’s big resources players, such as INPEX, MRM and Santos, continue to demonstrate that they are good corporate citizens – not only providing jobs, training and supply contracts, but also contributing in a substantial way to Indigenous advancement.

Leading the next generation for us is our cover story about Sophia. At 21, she is our youngest cover story, by almost two decades, and learning the family business from the ground up. What is so inspiring about Sophia is her determination to contribute to what is Darwin’s biggest dynasty, but she is doing it her way and on her terms.

Putting in hours and hours to perfect her craft, she is well on her way to eventually follow in dad’s footsteps. You get the feeling that TikTok or Snapchat are not big on her agenda. One NTG event that has had to diversify in its 26th year is October Business Month. This is the seventh year we have sponsored OBM and it remains a big part of our business platform. For those into trivia, we launched TQ at OBM back in 2013 with Foxy Robinson on the cover and are still going strong with our 29th issue.

I thank our advertisers and readers for the years of support, particularly through Covid. When other publications, including the Centralian Advocate, rolled back or now only publish online, we have managed to maintain free publishing and distribution, plus remain self-funded and independent.

For inspirational Territory reading, you can’t go past 73-year-old Klaus, the Territory’s very own Forrest Gump, Juddy and Sally Dyer at Hayfield, and Lisa Mumbin from Jawoyn. I’m inspired by Lisa. I get goosebumps when she speaks about the passion for her people and country. TQ is proud to profile these amazing characters, who are all part of writing our Territory narrative.

We want to hear more from the doers who shake things up, so please get in touch. I sense things are going to shape up and get interesting over the next 12 months as we head out of Covid.

I’ll be rolling up my sleeves and taking a keen interest in what happens from here. I can’t wait to close the door on 2020 and see you in 2021. TQ