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Adam Stockwell and Steve Camilleri are two of the more than 150 Northern Territory business owners who have enrolled in the NT Government’s Business Acceleration Program, designed and delivered by the Australian Centre for Business Growth.

Dr Jana Matthews, ANZ Chair in Business Growth at the Centre says: “Many business owners want to grow, but just don’t know how.

“Funding from the NT Government has enabled us to design and deliver a set of innovative programs – assessment clinics, growth ramps, growth modules, and execute and grow – that teach business owners what to do, when, why and in what order.

“Our programs are very structured and are taught by growth experts – people who have started, grown and exited companies, and have first-hand knowledge about what ‘to do’ and ‘not do’ in order to lead, manage and grow a company.”

The NT companies who have gone through the Business Acceleration Program have increased revenue by $147 million and created 616 jobs during the five-year life of the program.

“Without question, this program has enabled NT companies to grow and create jobs for Territorians,” says Dr Matthews.

Alice Springs-born Mr Stockwell, managing director of Think Water Darwin, a thriving water system design, supply and installation company, has been through three of the Centre’s programs: the clinic and the growth modules, and is now enrolled in execute and grow.

“All the teaching material is proven, practical and ready to use,” he says. “You get straight down to solving your company’s problems. I like that.

“Another key difference is that the programs are done with your leadership team. You get to work on your strategic plan then and there, as a team.”

Darwin-born Mr Camilleri, who invented a revolutionary 3D metal printer called Spee3d and was a national finalist in the Exporter of the Year Awards, says the Australian Centre for Business Growth’s programs are a good way to take a fresh look at your business challenges.

“It’s an incredibly effective way to grow,” he says.


A comprehensive one-day clinic for business owners, chief executives and managing directors who are ready to grow their companies. Growth experts explain what happens at different business growth stages, how leadership roles change at each stage and how to develop a business growth plan.


For business owners, chief executives and managing directors in companies with 5-11 full time employees who are looking to move to the next level, hire more people and grow their organisation. Delivered one day per month for six months via Zoom.


The business owner, chief executive or managing director is joined by at least two members of their executive team to work together to build an organisation that can sustain growth. Held over an intensive set of three, three-day modules, spaced three to four months apart.


A program designed for business owners, chief executives or managing directors and their teams who have completed the gowth ramp or growth modules program and want to continue to grow, with guidance from the Centre and its growth experts.


Australian Centre for Business Growth

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