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Jerome Cubillo – CEO NTIBN

A proud Wadjigan/Larrakia man and visionary leader. 

NTIBN has experienced an unprecedented surge in demand for its range of support services, amassing a thriving community of nearly 400 certified members. 

In the past few years, NTIBN has championed a robust agenda, significantly expanding our Hub service offerings. This includes the successful establishment and operation of the NT Indigenous Business and Employment Hub (NTIBN Hub), the fourth of its kind under the Commonwealth’s 10-year Indigenous Business Sector Strategy. Notably, the NT Hub stands out as the sole 100 percent Aboriginal-owned and led initiative among its counterparts in Western Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth, embodying a unique sense of empowerment.” 

We acknowledge and applaud the amazing Aboriginal business owners who have taken the courageous step to invest themselves in their businesses. They are the catalysts for change, generating wealth and giving our people the power of choice. Their determination and resilience allow us to challenge the imbalances created by historical injustices and redefine our place in the economic landscape. 

Having this special edition underscores our collective accomplishments. It shines a spotlight on the extraordinary achievements of Aboriginal businesses in the Territory and serves as an inspiration to many. We are immensely proud of the Territory for being progressive leaders in applying the majority-owned and controlled definition of an Aboriginal Business Enterprise. Our members exude strength when they stand together, demonstrating that all Aboriginal businesses are social enterprises, driven by the ideals of self-determination and economic autonomy.