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An Indigenous-owned property management business is delighted to be working with a go-ahead Aboriginal organisation.

Elaine Mills expanded from Darwin into Mparntwe (Alice Springs) after winning a contract with the Ilpeye Ilpeye Aboriginal Corporation to manage 10 new homes on the Ilpeye Ilpeye Sadadeen Estate. 

“The trustees of Ilpeye Ilpeye have great ideas and a vision to build up their estate and make it something special for their community,” she says. “I’m proud to be part of their vision from the beginning. It’s fantastic that I can do my part in improving a community.” 

Elaine established Elaine Mills Property Management in Darwin with her husband Rob and daughter Terri Walters in 2006 after learning the trade by working for three real estate agencies. 

“At one time, I was managing 150 properties on my own for an agency in Darwin,” she says. “That kept me on my toes. It was a great grounding in the business before going out on my own.” 

She was named the 1999 Property Manager of the Year by the NT Real Estate Institute in her first year as a property manager. 

“I was so chuffed about that and am still very proud of the achievement.” 

She followed up her triumph by winning the Real Estate Industry’s NT Innovation Award in 2017 and representing the Territory at the Australia finals in Sydney. 

Elaine has a growing portfolio of properties in Darwin, which husband Rob helps to run. 

The business is also expanding in Mparntwe – she picked up several contracts after winning the Ilpeye- Ilpeye tender in 2023. 

“Most of my work comes from recommendations and my family contacts in Mparntwe. I haven’t had to do much advertising.” 

She has plans to begin selling residential and commercial properties as well as being a property manager. 

“I’m moving ahead very carefully, taking baby steps. I am not a fly by night person, I want to build relationships with clients. Business is going very well at the moment. 

“As an Indigenous-owned business in Darwin and in Mparntwe, my long-term plan is to be able to train local Indigenous people to be property managers and sales agents.” 

Elaine and two siblings, Esther and Darryl, moved to Darwin in 1962 with their late parents, Dick and Betty Pearce (Arrernte/Wombaya woman), from New South Wales. 

Elaine’s youngest sibling Elizabeth was born in Darwin. 


Elaine Mills Property Management 

PO Box 1167 Howard Springs NT 0835 

0404 493 197 or (08) 8983 1800