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Australia lacks a unified peak body to represent the interests of Aboriginal businesses effectively at the national level.

Despite the significant role Aboriginal businesses play in the economy, they face unique challenges, such as limited access to capital, skills development opportunities and market access. 

The absence of a peak body has further compounded these challenges and prevented Aboriginal businesses from reaching their full potential. 

The National Indigenous Business Chamber Alliance, which is led by the NTIBN as Secretariat , is emerging as a unified voice for Aboriginal businesses in Australia. 


With an estimated 12,000 Aboriginal businesses operating, the sector is poised for a remarkable expansion, projected to triple in size over the next decade – a growth trajectory that will solidify the sector’s position as a driving force of Australia’s economy. 

The NIBCA alliance has responsibility and autonomy for several key areas, including: 

  • Certification: an Aboriginal-led self-determined policy position for rigorous certification of 51 percent or greater ownership to identify and authenticate Aboriginal businesses, thereby reducing Blak Cladding. 
  • Regulation: advocating for fair and equitable regulations that support the growth and development of the Aboriginal business sector. 
  • Advocacy: serving as a powerful voice for Aboriginal businesses, engaging with government, industry and the international community. 
  • Representation: providing a unified platform for Aboriginal businesses to engage with the government on policy, procurement and other processes. 
  • Trade: facilitating trade opportunities for Aboriginal businesses, domestically and internationally. 
  • Data: ensuring that Aboriginal businesses have the right to collect, manage and use their data for their own benefit and in accordance with their cultural values and traditions. 

NIBCA has engaged in extensive consultations with Indigenous business networks and chambers across Australia, including the NTIBN, to ensure their voices are heard.

Aboriginal Australians have a deep connection to the land and have been the custodians of their lore, language lines, song lines, creation stories and trading routes for thousands of years. These intangible cultural assets are not only of great spiritual and cultural significance but also hold immense economic value.

NIBCA is committed to preserving and promoting these assets, ensuring that Aboriginal Australians can secure their economic independence and create a sustainable future for their communities.

The alliance, the first-ever national peak body for the Indigenous business sector, has representatives from:

  • Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network
  • ACT Indigenous Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Canberra Indigenous Business Network
  • Goldfields Aboriginal Business Chamber
  • Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria
  • Murri Chamber of Commerce
  • Noongar Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce
  • Pilbara Aboriginal Business & Industry Association Incorporated
  • Southeast Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce