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A Northern Territory consultancy has helped to prepare thousands of people when they go to work in remote Indigenous communities to not only work effectively and sensitively, but also appreciate a more enriching experience.

Cross Cultural Consultants, which was founded in 1989, is likely the oldest Indigenous consultancy in the Northern Territory.

They provide education around the world’s oldest surviving culture through face-to-face and online cultural training.

“We not only help people understand our history,” says chief executive Jason Elsegood. “We also train them in what to expect and how to work cross culturally.

“So many things are different out on Country, including the way we communicate – indirect or direct, considerate of the space and place, gender, age and cultural authority.

“These cultural nuances are important to understand and appreciate before you work in a community, whether you’re a nurse, teacher or part of a mining exploration team.

“We do a lot of this kind of work. Our training programs can also be customised and contextualised to suit our client’s unique needs and their cohort.”

Cross Cultural Consultants also offers a range of comprehensive advisory services covering everything from developing Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPS) to national community engagement and public consultations.

Clients include state government departments, Federal Government agencies, including Defence, Indigenous organisations and corporations, local and national peak bodies, regional councils and the private sector.

“We’ve built a really strong reputation over many years in business – people know that we’re action-oriented,”

Cross Cultural Consultants have a team of professionals, who work at the company’s headquarters in Darwin and travel to all states and territories, including many remote communities throughout Australia.


Cross Cultural Consultants 

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