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Unleash your business concept with tailored support that won’t cost you a cent

The Darwin Inovation Hub is proud to be at the forefront of innovation and growth through Start NT, our incubator program tailored for early-stage startups in the region.


Kickstart your journey by scanning the QR Code and registering your interest online. Note that applicants must be current Northern Territory residents. Afterward, we’ll schedule a meeting to explore your business aspirations. Our team will thoroughly assess your application against our investment criteria, and if successful, you seamlessly progress to Phase 1 – gaining entry to our incubator.


Competitive eligible applicants enter the Start NT Incubator, receiving three months of free support at the Darwin Innovation Hub. This includes a personalized co-working desk, direct access to expert facilitators, extensive networks, and top-notch facilities. Throughout this immersive period, our Experts-in-Residence will guide and prepare you for potential government funding applications, also assisting in crafting a compelling pitch for the Start NT Safe Note—a significant $50,000 investment in your company. Upon a successful pitch, you transition seamlessly to Phase 2 – the Accelerator, well-equipped and poised for the next stages of entrepreneurial growth.


Strategically leverage your $50,000 Safe Note investment to propel the further development of your business. Over the next potentially 9 months, plan your project milestones and refine your go-to-market strategy and business model with support from our Experts-in-Residence, setting the stage for the subsequent step—Pitching for Seed Capital. To successfully pitch for Seed Capital, align your proposal with the Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund Criteria, demonstrating both the potential for business success and the value your venture brings to the Territory. This step marks a crucial stage in your entrepreneurial journey towards sustainable growth and success.

Companies currently getting a boost from Start NT!