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The NTIBN Blak Business Awards are an exceptional showcase of the outstanding standards and remarkable diversity within the Aboriginal enterprise community.

Winners hail from a wide range of industries, including consultancy, hospitality, tourism, construction, IT, design, furniture-making and fashion, highlighting the breadth of talent and creativity present. 

Unlike national events, these awards uniquely emphasise community recognition and regional representation, honoring excellence in lesser-known sectors alongside the more popular ones. This focus ensures that the awards encompass the true diversity and accomplishments within the Indigenous business community. 

CEO Jerome Cubillo says: “These awards are absolutely essential in being able to recognise the profound depth and breadth of excellence within our Indigenous business community, and to witness the invaluable contributions we are making to both the economic and cultural landscape of the Northern Territory. 

“I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the deserving winners and I take pride in NTIBN’s pivotal role in establishing and organising this annual event. It continues to attract significant interest and serves as an inspiration for future generations of Indigenous business leaders.” 

As the awards enter their third iteration, participants will gather on the sacred lands of Arrernte country in Mparntwe (Alice Springs) on Saturday, August 24, 2024. 

Highlighting the significance of the regional setting, Mr Cubillo says: “Hosting the awards in Alice Springs next year will ensure wider representation from various communities across the region, fostering a more diverse audience. It will also contribute to the local economy of Alice Springs, nurturing economic growth within the region. 

“This decision reflects NTIBN’s commitment to broader community engagement and investments that bolster regional economic development.”