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The Essington School has achieved a remarkable milestone – a 100 percent NTCET graduation for the ninth year in a row.

The achievement demonstrates that Essington unashamedly strives for academic excellence to ensure that students leave school not only as well-rounded, caring young adults but also receive a qualification considered a crucial foundation for most careers.

Essington offers a wide range of programs catering for students of all ability levels and aspirations.

Principal Brian Kennelly says: “I am proud that we uphold a school-wide belief in the capacity of every student to learn successfully.

“Our Senior College allows each student to have a distinct learning pathway that assists them to work towards their potential.

“This is achieved within a cohesive school culture, which is built upon strong, purposeful relationships focussed on student wellbeing.

“It’s the Essington way.”

The foundation of a quality education begins in Essington’s modern Montessori-inspired Early Years programs and Junior School, where students are encouraged to learn and grow at their own pace.

The Middle School builds on the students’ academic capabilities and develops resilience through a comprehensive Wellbeing program, preparing students for the Senior College.

The philosophy underlying every program and initiative at Essington is the belief in the individual, understanding that every student is unique – with different interests, talents, and passions.

This approach, which fuels creativity and makes going to school enjoyable, shapes the way students complete their schooling at the Senior College.

Individualised pathway options, overseen by dedicated staff, help guide students through the most crucial years of their secondary schooling journey, providing an environment that encourages them to thrive, and nurtures opportunities for academic excellence.

Senior College students are offered flexible learning pathways, which allows them to adapt their studies to suit their needs.

For instance, students with an aptitude for certain subjects are given the opportunity to begin their Stage 2 subjects early; many students in 2020 completed Stage 2 subjects while in First Year (Year 10) or Second Year (Year 11).

Head of Senior College Peter Moore says: “Our Senior College is unique in that it allows an individual pathway for all students, extending their abilities and allowing them to achieve their best academic results.

“Our Wellbeing program works alongside this to ensure students are looked after in a supportive learning environment where every student is known.”

Essington is renowned for having excellent, dedicated teachers and support staff, which is appreciated by students and parents.

They ensure that the school’s comprehensive Wellbeing program supports students through their formative years, including access to Essington’s newly appointed School Counsellor.

Over the years Essington has had many standout Senior College achievers.

For instance, Daniel Sales won the Territory’s Top Stage 2 Physics Award in 2020, completing this while in his Second Year at the Senior College.

He is now in his final year and is studying Stage 2 English Literary Studies, Mathematical Methods, Modern History and Specialist Mathematics.

“I found completing a Stage 2 subject in my Second Year very manageable. Most subjects don’t draw on knowledge from other subjects, meaning there was nothing stopping me from doing the subject to the best of my ability.

“I am extremely thankful I could do one of my Stage 2 subjects in my Second Year. In my Third Year I am hard pressed for time, and I cannot imagine how I would get through all my work at a high standard if I had to do another Stage 2 subject.

“Now, as I am only doing four, I have much more time to focus on those subjects and to do them to the best of my ability.”

Afrodite Alexopoulos, one of Essington’s two Senior College Vice-Captains, says her education at Essington has been “fun and filled with many memories”.

“The highlights of my Essington education are how close the students are and how helpful the teachers have been throughout my schooling journey,” she says.

“Due to the school being smaller in numbers, everyone knows everyone, making the environment very friendly and inclusive.

“The teachers are also very supportive and understanding, they stay behind after school to further assist students, making me want to reciprocate their efforts and work harder and try my best.”

Afrodite says support from Senior College staff has allowed her to complete three of her Stage 2 subjects in her Second Year.