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Global real estate and investment management services company JLL is playing an important role in supporting the growing number of Indigenousowned businesses in the Northern Territory.

JLL’s NT State Manager – Project and Development Services Scott McNeill is delighted that the company’s good work was recognised by the Indigenous Business Network naming it the first Ally of the Year. 

“We’re committed to making a positive difference,” he says. 

JLL, which is delivering major Defence and Government contracts nationwide, actively seeks out Indigenous-owned businesses as subcontractors. 

“We help them get through the process so that they can deliver what are often complex projects,” Mr McNeill. 

“We’re happy to support them and love to see them prosper .” 

JLL guided two Indigenous-owned businesses, M&J Builders and Wurrba, through their first Defence estate works program projects. 

“Working with them towards the successful delivery of their first projects equipped them with valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied to future projects while simultaneously building relationships with key stakeholders,” says Mr McNeill. 

Michael Buckley of M&J says: “From the beginning of our partnership with JLL they have showcased a deep understanding of our unique business requirements and objectives. 

“Their team took the time to listen and really understand how they could assist our business. 

“JLL’s extensive experience in delivery of Defence projects has helped our team immensely. They guided us through each step of the process to enable us to make informed decisions and ensure we understood all requirements of the project as these were new to our team. 

“This enhanced our overall efficiency, resulting in improved productivity, timely completion and ultimately a high-quality project for our client. 

“Our business has experienced new growth, and our project delivery capabilities have reached new heights. 

Wurrba managing director Raphael Clarke says: “Our first estate works project was thanks to JLL when we were tasked with delivering the RAAF Darwin officers’ mess works. 

“It was an invaluable learning experience for our team. It provided us with a deeper understanding of the program requirements including handover and takeover of Defence deliverables. 

“ This opportunity has allowed us to grow and expand, allowing us to further invest in our community, people and business. 

“We are extremely thankful to JLL as a local Indigenous-owned and managed business.”