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Department of the Chief Minister


With assistance from the Northern Territory Government’s Local Jobs Fund and Darwin’s Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund, Amphibian Aerospace Industries is proceeding apace with its visionary plan to commence manufacturing an upgraded version of the legendary Albatross amphibious aircraft in the Northern Territory for the global export market.

The establishment of an AAI manufacturing operation in Darwin will lead the way for other new industries to establish here, including support service and supply industries, and industrial and commercial development to deliver an advanced manufacturing complex and residential and community development to provide the supporting infrastructure to a growing industry.

This plan is already showing results with a number of companies formally agreeing to work together with a view to establishing an Aerospace Manufacturing Precinct in Darwin to be located at the Darwin International Airport.

The establishment of AMP-D further boosts the positioning of Australia’s Northern Territory as a critical location in the Australian aviation sector.

Complementing the precinct, Darwin is also home to a strong and growing defence sector, an emerging space industry and the digital infrastructure that will connect the Territory directly to Asia and North America as well as other Australian capital cities and regions.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner reiterated that this new aviation precinct sets the Territory up to further support more industry and more growth.

Developing this industry is a key enabler to other sectors in the Territory, including energy, agribusiness, mining, tourism and international education and training.

A fully functioning Darwin aerospace manufacturing precinct will help foster the development of a thriving aviation manufacturing industry, and attract investment and businesses to establish and grow in the Northern Territory.