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So, how does a business end up with a name like The Exhibitionist?

Well, it all began about 35 years ago in a cosy pub in Earls Court, London. Picture two young, very young, designers embarking on a global adventure, fuelled by a thirst for work and a hunger for experience as backpackers traversing the world. Their names are Yolanda (aka Yoli) and Andrew (aka Andy) Griffen.

In the early nineties they both spent three years backpacking Australia and the world, working on many design and exhibition projects in Spain, Canada, London, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. They worked on some of the largest global exhibitions at World Expo in Spain in 1992.

After their adventures they were eager to share their expertise back home in the Northern Territory.

Registering the name was a bit of an adventure in itself. Andrew vividly remembers marching into the local Business Centre in Darwin CBD to make it official. But his excitement was met with a raised eyebrow from the clerk behind the counter. “You can’t register that as a business name,” she said, with a hint of concern in her voice. “It’s too risqué. Imagine answering the phones with that name!”

Undeterred, Yoli and Andrew both insisted that the name perfectly encapsulated their work in exhibition and graphic design, plus all things creative. After a brief consultation with her superior, the clerk returned with a compromise: they could keep the name if they added something to it. And so, they appended “2D- 3D Designs:” to “The Exhibitionist,” sealing the deal.

The Exhibitionist 2D-3D Designs was born.

From that moment on, they were officially in business, with Yoli leading the graphic design work and Andrew focusing on constructing and designing portable displays and exhibitions. Their early projects mainly involved travelling displays showcasing the wonders of the Northern Territory to audiences domestically and abroad.


They started small, operating out of a space beneath their elevated home in Stuart Park, before gradually expanding to Reichardt Road and later settling into their present location at 74 McMinn Street in the CBD of Darwin.

“Reflecting on our 35-year tenure, it’s remarkable how swiftly time has flown,” says Yoli. “But now, with the torch passed to the next generation, fresh ideas and enthusiasm are driving us toward bigger and better projects.

“Our daughter, Shona Lee, now leads as our senior graphic designer, overseeing the day-to-day operations alongside a dedicated local team. Our son, Josh, a renowned photographer who runs his own business, is responsible for photographing all of our work and crafting engaging social media content, including small movies.

“With Yoli, Shona, Josh and the talented Mitchell Lockly, graphic designer and vehicle ‘wrapper’, at the helm, we are continuously bringing new ideas to life. Our tagline says it all: Making ideas happen.

Andrew says: “The scope of our work has expanded exponentially since our inception. From concept to finished production – signs, light boxes, set designs, photo opportunities, wide format printing and office refurbishments – we tackle all projects with boundless creativity.

“Our latest addition, the CNC router, has unlocked even greater possibilities, particularly in designing interpretive signs.”

Over the years, The Exhibitionist has experienced significant growth and transformation, yet creative designs have always remained at the core. Today, The Exhibitionist offers a comprehensive range of services, including logos, branding, printing, signage, wayfinding, interpretive design, displays, exhibitions, vehicle wraps, sculpting, custom builds, and much more.

Serving as a one-stop shop, the company streamlines project management from inception to completion seamlessly. The dedicated team comprises skilled graphic designers, carpenters, signwriters and electricians. Simply envision your idea, and The Exhibitionist will bring it to life. With commitment to creativity and quality craftsmanship, they always ensure that your business stands out.

If you are looking to turn your ideas into reality, look no further than The Exhibitionist 2D-3D Designs at 74 McMinn Street, Darwin.


To see more of their work and follow their story to visit the following:

8981 3166


PS: Andrew fondly recalls: “Remember the lady at the business registration office? All of those years ago after a successful 12 months in business as The Exhibitionist, I personally delivered her a custom-printed T-shirt with ‘I’m an Exhibitionist’ emblazoned across the front. I said to her, ‘Now you can be an exhibitionist!’ they make great PJs, ha ha ha.” She replied: “Can I have two, please, one for me and one for my friend?”