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The workforce at Newmont’s Tanami gold mine is a great reflection of the contemporary face of Northern Territory mining.

As a 100 per cent fly-in fly-out operation, Tanami is inclusive and diverse with women and Indigenous employees forming a substantial part of the team that makes the mine one of the biggest single contributors to the Territory’s economy.

Inclusion and diversity are central to Newmont’s approach to employment and retention. So too are the career pathways and training opportunities available to employees at Tanami, where 14 per cent of workers are Indigenous.

This inclusion and diversity are key factors in the harmonious and welcoming home-away-from-home environment enjoyed by the 1800 workers at Australia’s most remote mine. The mine is 950km southwest of Darwin in the harsh but beautiful Tanami Desert straddling the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

For tens of thousands of years, the Tanami’s tough rocky terrain, small hills and limited water supply supported the lives of the Warlpiri people. But for non-Indigenous people – who knew little to nothing about the Tanami until well into the 20th century – the Tanami was effectively Australia’s last frontier.

Despite the environment and the isolation Newmont has made every effort to ensure its workforce has as many of the luxuries of home as possible.

In addition to high standard living quarters, currently being upgraded, Tanami also has a social club, cardio and weights gyms, soccer and netball facilities and there are more recreation and social outlets planned.

The Tanami operation is very much a second home for the workers with team members becoming something of a second family to one another.

As positive and welcoming as life on site might be, Newmont also recognises that when it comes to family there is no substitute for the real thing.

Workers can stay in touch with their loved ones through Telstra’s mobile coverage at the mine site.

If people are interested in a career at Tanami there is a range of attractive long-term, well-paid and secure opportunities available. Newmont currently has more than 100 different roles on the books for prospective employees.

Beyond the job security, a position at Tanami offers a range of other benefits and opportunities.

Newmont employees receive free health insurance and salary continuance insurance, with allowances including a site allowance and an NT allowance for Territory residents, who make up about half of the workforce.

Territory workers also have access to regular weekly flights to and from Darwin and Alice Springs to the mine.

Among the jobs on offer at the Tanami mine are opportunities for people with little or no experience in working at a mine site. These include ‘starter roles’ for workers still developing their skills such as store person, electrical apprentice, paste back-fill service crew, administration assistant, underground truck driver and nipper positions.

Newmont is also looking to fill multiple vacancies for diesel fitters, excavator operators, auto electricians, communication technicians, surveyors, drill and blast engineers, fitter and turners and medical officers. There is also an extensive apprenticeship program, a great graduate program and first-class workshops allowing workers to hone their skills and build their experience.

While Tanami is an underground mine there are also plenty of aboveground positions needed to keep the operation running smoothly.

Workers can also choose from a range of roster options including eight days on and six days off (8/6), seven days on and seven days off (7/7), or two weeks on and two weeks off (2/2). Operational staff at Tanami work a standard 12-hour shift with most operations having a night shift.

As an industry leader in attracting and developing the next generation of leaders, Newmont offers a unique Total Rewards package providing employees with development programs, professional opportunities, and attractive pay and benefits.

Workers can also take advantage of opportunities to broaden their skill-set through safety training programs, technical training, a range of specialised training courses such as mine rescue, mine engineering, hazardous materials handling and environmental management.

First Nations employees at Tanami have access to a range of programs including scholarships, bursaries, traineeship, and mentoring programs to attract and retain skilled workers.

The site supports job opportunities for Warlpiri, Central Australian and Northern Territory Indigenous people including visits to local communities to assess the available pool of job-ready people and to talk to those who may need more training or encouragement to enter a career in mining.

And if employees are considering supervisory or management roles there are also leadership development programs, coaching, mentoring (including for Newmont graduates), formal classroom training and on-the-job training including cross-functional projects and special assignments.

Newmont recognises that to maintain its competitive edge they must work to attract, develop and retain the best and most talented people, including those with diverse experiences and backgrounds as a way of helping strengthen their relationships with communities and their own workforce.

The Tanami is the Territory’s leading gold mining operation, and it expects to produce about 400,000 ounces of gold this year. This will mean a further $150 million in royalties and taxes for the Territory economy plus land-use payments to the Warlpiri traditional owners.

Newmont is always mindful that its operations are taking place on Warlpiri country and works to maintain strong and respectful relationships with the site’s traditional owners and the Central Land Council. This includes providing support for important cultural events, Warlpiri Media Aboriginal Corporation and the Warlpiri Project which is working to repatriate and reconnect Warlpiri people with important cultural objects removed over the years and dispersed to museums and private collections around the world.

Gold has been mined at Tanami since 1983 and the mine has been wholly owned by Newmont since 2002.

Newmont is currently working to increase the life of the mine through the Tanami Expansion 2 (TE2) project. Work on TE2 began in 2021 and involves the development of a hoisting shaft, which will increase production from 2.6 million tonnes of ore a year to 3.2 million tonnes.

Due for completion in 2027, the project will include an underground crusher and a 1.5km deep shaft. Now about 40 per cent complete TE2 has a projected capital cost of about $1.8 billion representing one of Newmont’s biggest capital expenditure projects in Australia.

As Australia’s largest gold producer and a growing producer of copper, Newmont Australia has a wide variety of jobs available in addition to other than those at Tanami, meaning a career at Tanami has the potential to open new doors for employees.

Newmont operates the Boddington gold and copper mine in Western Australia and Australia’s biggest underground mine at Cadia, just south of Orange in NSW. The company also has a global presence with long-life tier one gold and copper assets in Africa, Papua New Guinea, North America, South America and the Caribbean.

So it’s possible that a job at Australia’s most remote mining operation could well be the first step toward an exciting career in other parts of the world.

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