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In the context of the Northern Territory's development and growth, major operators engaging with the local supply chain hold the key to fostering economic growth, community development and sustainable business practices.

By actively collaborating with local suppliers, these companies can create a symbiotic relationship that benefits both their operations and the region as a whole.

It provides numerous advantages – it stimulates the local economy by generating jobs, fosters entrepreneurship, and supports small and medium-sized enterprises.

This economic injection not only boosts prosperity but also helps to diversify the economic landscape of the Territory.

When major operators collaborate with local suppliers, logistical complexities and carbon footprints are reduced. By sourcing materials and services locally, companies can streamline their operations, minimise transportation-related emissions and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Moreover, engaging with the local supply chain enhances community relations. By investing in the region’s businesses, these companies demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of the community. This generates goodwill, fosters positive public perception, and helps to build a social licence that is crucial for smooth operations and project success.

Successful engagement, however, requires more than mere transactional relationships. It entails understanding the local context, respecting cultural sensitivities and addressing the unique needs of the region. Transparent communication, fair procurement practices, and partnerships that prioritise mutual growth are vital.

Energy Club NT is a diverse organisation, featuring members from global operators, investors, contractors and local supply chain professionals. This diverse engagement is what drives our success and the value of our platform. Our primary focus is to support the introduction and promotion of local supply chain businesses to the wider industry, benefiting the entire sector. One of our standout initiatives is the annual Meet the Buyer event, held on the opening of NT Resources Week.

During this event, hundreds of representatives from buying entities have the opportunity to meet Territory businesses in a structured speed-networking format. In less than three hours, over 540 individual meetings are facilitated, resulting in tangible outcomes that are measured through participant feedback.

Territory businesses have reported generating revenue in less than a week and securing contracts within three weeks, thanks to direct leads from this event. Buyers often express surprise at the extensive capabilities of NT businesses and appreciate the opportunity to inform their procurement teams.

Major operators engaging with the local supply chain can be a catalyst for holistic development. By creating a win-win scenario that benefits businesses, communities and the environment, these companies contribute to a thriving and sustainable future for themselves and the region they operate in.

Bringing together stakeholders from across the industry is crucial for realising the opportunities in the Territory’s energy sector. The global attention on our jurisdiction proves the true value of this opportunity – and we are honoured to be a trusted collaborator in uniting the industry.