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Four consecutive years of continual improvement; a very high level of overall compliance; and the continued good health of the McArthur River.

These are the key findings in the latest Independent Monitor Report 2023 for the McArthur River Mine.

Released by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade in February, the report assesses the environmental management and performance of both McArthur River Mining as the operator and DITT as the regulator.

The mine achieved a “very high level of overall compliance” score of 98 percent – an improvement on the previous reports 97 percent.

MRM General Manager Mark Furlotte, who took the helm of the Territory’s largest mining employer in late 2022, is pleased with the result.

“The Gulf region where we operate holds significant cultural value to the local community, and we are committed to minimising potential impacts to the environment,” he says.

“The findings in the latest IM report confirms we are doing this. It underscores the effectiveness of our environmental and operational efforts and highlights a number of key rehabilitation and monitoring initiatives which are proving successful.”

MRM, which is 700 kilometres southeast of Darwin and 65 kilometres from the township of Borroloola, mines one of the world’s largest zinc deposits.

It processes concentrates on site before exporting them from its Bing Bong Loading Facility in the Gulf of Carpentaria to customers across the globe.

Zinc produced at MRM is commonly used to preserve and extend the life of steel products.

It’s found in construction materials, as well as everyday goods like cars, trains, ovens, washing machines and fridges. It can be recycled many times, so can play an important role in the circular economy. Zinc is also an important metal in renewable technologies, such as solar panels and wind turbines.


“MRM contributes significantly to the Territory’s social and economic fabric and we take our responsibility seriously,” says Mark.

“We’re committed to operating safely and responsibly, and we’ll continue working with the community, the Territory Government and Independent Monitor to ensure the local environment continues to remain protected.”

The report covers the period from 1 May 2022 to 30 April 2023 and found the mine had no environmental issues requiring urgent attention and no non-compliances for any of its environmental conditions and requirements.

MRM achieved 100 percent compliance against all aspects of its marine waters, vegetation, rehabilitation requirements and air quality, and the IM again found the McArthur River and its creeks are in good health and the fish are safe to eat.

It also highlighted a number of key successes MRM has in place to ensure it continues to meet its environmental objectives.

These included MRM’s commitment to growing and developing partnerships with local ranger groups for its marine and surface water monitoring programs as well as its on-site water management initiatives, including dam upgrades and greater onsite water reuse.

It highlighted the mine’s rehabilitation of the McArthur River.

During the reporting period MRM planted more than 120,000 tubestocks along the river diversion, taking the total planted to over 900,000 since 2010.

Outside of the audit period, MRM reached a major milestone when it planted its one millionth tubestock in October 2023, including trees, shrubs and grasses, as part of its rehabilitation of the McArthur River diversion channel.

The IM also commended the installation of woody debris throughout the channel to replicate a more natural environment with the IM outlining this has improved the habitat for the animals living in the river.

“The findings in the latest IM report are really positive and are testament to the hard work and determination of everyone in the environment team at MRM,” says Lana Treasure, Health, Safety and Environment Manager at MRM.

Lana leads a team of environmental specialists covering rehabilitation, monitoring and compliance – the full gamut of programs and initiatives that are assessed and scrutinised in the IM report.

“Our environment team is diverse, passionate and highly skilled, and they’re committed to ensuring the environment around our mine site is healthy, wildlife populations are supported, and the local community’s values and beneficial uses continue to be protected,” she says.

To learn more about MRM’s rehabilitation programs, view aerial footage of the McArthur River Division Channel or to read MRM’s statement and factsheet on the 2023 IM Annual Report Card, visit