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Meet Raymond Walters Penangke, the visionary behind Penangke Cultural Consultants in Mparntwe, Alice Springs.

With a mission to bridge cultures, build connections and make a difference, Raymond has built his business with a focus on contributing to the advancement of Aboriginal people and their communities. 

Established in 2023, Penangke Cultural Consultants in Alice Springs stands as a beacon of hope and progress, dedicated to fostering cultural understanding and contributing to driving positive change in urban and remote Aboriginal communities across Central Australia. 

Boasting over four decades of experience, Penangke’s team of Aboriginal consultants bring a wealth of diverse skills and qualifications to the table, collaborating with Aboriginal stakeholders, corporate, social and government entities to design and execute programs that uplift Aboriginal people and communities. 

At the heart of Penangke’s services lie a commitment to cultural consultation, induction and competency training, alongside community brokerage, and their flagship initiative, Beyond Dreaming for Success. This pioneering program empowers young Aboriginal people to identify and achieve their aspirations through personalised mentorship, ensuring a path towards a brighter future. 

Reflecting on Penangke’s mission, Raymond Walters says: “Penangke was established to work alongside communities and organisations to actively engage for positive outcomes that enhance the wellbeing of both the land and its people.” 

This ethos underscores Penangke’s pivotal role in advocating for constructive change and strengthening the prosperity of local Aboriginal communities. Through their collaborative approach and dedication to empowerment, Penangke Cultural Consultants serves as a catalyst for progress, driving a cultural shift towards a more inclusive and promising future for all. 

Their tireless efforts to bridge cultural divides and champion positive transformation exemplify a steadfast commitment to building a more harmonious society – one community at a time. 


Penangke Cultural Consultants 

PO Box 31, Alice Springs NT 0871