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Europeans quite rightly rave about the Lascaux rock art cave in France. But there are more than 5000 similar sites on Jawoyn land.

One spectacular site, Gabarnmung, 35 kilometres west of Maningrida, was visited by Jawoyn people up until the 1950s but was forgotten until being rediscovered by Ray Whear and Chris Morgan of the Jawoyn Association while flying by helicopter in 2006.

The Jawoyn Association found two Jawoyn elders, Wamud Namok and Jimmy Kalarriya, who said the name of the site was Nawarla Gabarnmang (place of hole in the rock) and said they had visited the shelter when hey were children.

They identified the Buyhmi Jawoyn clan as the Traditional Owners of the site.

Habitation of the site has been dated to at least 44,000 years ago and the oldest rock art was produced more than 28,000 years ago.